This is rated as the fifth most difficult strip in "Fly Idaho." It appeared to be a narrow slot in some trees at the bottom of a canyon. The length being about 900 foot presented no problem at all. The thing I noticed most is that it is narrow. Not unsafe ... but narrow ... like you just don’t have a lot of wiggle room narrow. Just like many of the strips I visited, there is no room for an overrun. It is a little on the rough and rocky side also but nothing that should really cause any concern. As with many of the backcountry strips I visited, it is sometimes difficult to find the strip. Remember this isn’t like the civilized world with runway markings and lights. The strip at Vines is still very primitive and that’s one of the reasons I'm here. This is backcountry flying at its best. It is best to have an airplane with a good rate of climb immediately after lift off as there are a lot of trees. The King Katmai under these circumstances would show a consistent 1,400 fpm rate of climb. That equates to SAFETY.

Vines is the very narrow strip of green in the middle of the canyon. The approach is pretty straight forward but the strip is narrow, rough, one way and relatively short. Trees line both sides and the end of the strip. There is also a river in the immediate area that, if memory serves me correct, is at the approach end of the strip. This is no place for a sloppy pilot. Like most of the backcountry strips do not attempt to visit Vines if there is any wind. The air is just too unstable.